The Fishes

In this, the largest of the three rooms, fish and the sea provide the motifs for the decor throughout: the old white door with turquoise waves in the background, the white and light-blue curtains, the artful ceramic fish from Argyla… all this, and many other small details, recall the sea – which is incidentally always present through the two large windows. The wooden floors in all the rooms, the bathrooms with large showers, the sophisticated details of maritime colours and, last but not least, the many lamps all combine to provide easy comfort, a natural feel and an elegant atmosphere.

The Shells

One wall of the room is decorated with a small collection of shells the children found on the beach, arranged by their mother. One of the reading lamps is ornamented with driftwood. The head of the Jugendstil bed has been picked out with accents of colour. The built-in closet has given new life to an old balcony door.
The wooden floor that crosses the entire structure, the bathrooms with very large showers and the refined coverings in the colors of the sea, the brightness of all the rooms make the structure of comfortable naturalness and refinement.