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About us

It was his grandfather, Giuseppe, who bequeathed the family name to Luca Bagnara, while his grandmother contributed the old palace in what was once the centre of Grottammare village, on a hill overlooking the modern town. When his father, Filippo, put the building in his name, Luca moved in to live here all year round, instead of just coming for the summers, as the families had done for generations.
Today the family consists of Luca, originally from nearby Ascoli, who studied forestry in Florence and devotes a great deal of his spare time these days to training for the triathlon. Caterina, born in Tuscany as the child of German parents, was prompted by love for her husband - and for the countryside here - to move to the Marche region of the country. She also studied forestry but has practised the number of professions – always with the same enthusiasm. Last but by no means least we have the three small men of the household: Linus, Emil and Theo.
Above all, we are a family.
When we go on holiday ourselves we look for something reminiscent of the relaxed, family atmosphere at home. That's why we receive our guests with the same friendliness and openness that we enjoy, and we are always ready for a chat about anything under the sun, or to provide information and support in dealing with any issues that may arise.
When we go on holiday ourselves, though, we also like to be a bit spoiled, to experience different surroundings which stimulate us as a family and provide relaxation from everyday life. That's why we're glad to provide our guests with a fine breakfast including many home-made delicacies, from bread we bake ourselves to a variety of pastries, not to mention the cheese and meats characteristic of this region. Naturally we withdraw whenever our guests prefer it, but for those who enjoy talking about their experiences we are always available.
When we go on holiday ourselves, with our children, we like them to enjoy some special attention, to see that the particular needs of the younger members of our family are taken seriously. That's why we do everything we can to make sure the children among our guests also have beautiful memories of their holidays.